Our EDI journey

We are committed to becoming more inclusive and diverse in everything we do.

Our motivation is not merely compliance or reputation (though both of these are of course important); rather, the logic of our purpose and our work is rooted in a deep respect and care for all individuals, often at the most lonely and excluded time of their life.

So we speak with one voice when we say that it behoves us to understand exclusion and discrimination, even when it might not be obvious, and do whatever is necessary to eliminate it from our behaviours and actions.

Our EDI commitments

We will ensure our service is there for everyone who needs us, identifying all groups who may be at risk and understanding different backgrounds and circumstances. We will maximise our reach by learning from the experiences of others, working with them to develop our plans and using research, community networks and technology to engage as widely as we can across society.

We will build a culture where everyone is appreciated for their unique self and unique contribution, based on our shared behaviours of support, trust, respect and being aspirational. We will remove barriers in how we operate as a charity to promote and enable inclusion. We will work harder to learn what we don’t know and remove bias from our organisation, so we can achieve our full potential.

We will use our position as a trusted charity to champion inclusivity and diversity in our brand, marketing and campaigning. We will communicate in ways that are accessible to all. We will stand proudly alongside partners and supporters who share our values, working with them to make sure our voices are heard.

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